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virtualizationVirtualization Services are changing the face of the IT industry.  Many of our clients have asked the same important question: What is Virtualization?  Simply put, virtualization is the reproduction of physical hardware using software simulation.  In IT, virtualization is commonly used to emulate operating systems, cloud computing, and migration.  The primary benefits of virtualization are a reduction in the physical components necessary to store data, lower overhead costs, access to more strategic storage, and remote accessibility of larger portions of the infrastructure. We have partnered with some of the industry virtualization leaders, such as VMWare and Citrix, to build a solid foundation through various platforms and solutions.  Our goal is to assist companies with powering their private cloud infrastructures, and to help companies build, operate, and maintain a robust cloud application or platform for cloud-based services. Datalab tailors virtualization solution to fit organizational environments, while leveraging the latest technologies to assist these companies in competitive markets.  Certified Virtualization specialists offer assistance in choosing the most applicable solution for each respective industry.
Virtualization and Virtualization Service benefits:

  • Virtualization lowers the number of physical servers – which automatically reduces maintenance costs
  • By implementing a virtualization server consolidation strategy, you increase space efficiency in your office or data center
  • Move your applications to their own virtualization servers, and greatly reduce their impact on one another
  • Develop a standard virtualization server build which you can deploy quickly
  • Employ state-of-the-art network design and performance with low costs
  • Deploy new systems in hours instead of days
  • Scale up or down much quicker and easier
  • Fast and secure application or data access from anywhere

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